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2016 Joint Annual Meeting of SCAFS/SCFWA

Our 2016 meeting was a huge success, with more than 120 individuals in attendance.

Prizes awarded at the 2016 meeting:

Planning for the 2017 joint meeting of the SCFWA/SCAFS is underway. Please check back soon for details related to when and where!"

About Us

The South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association (SCFWA), founded in 1976 by a group of AFS members headed by Harold Loyacano, is composed of a wide variety of people involved in fisheries related work in South Carolina. Members range from government employees to private industries to commercial and recreational fishermen. SCFWA is headed by a board of officers, elected each year at an annual meeting. The board of officers includes a president, president-elect, and secretary/treasurer.

Objectives of this organization include conservation and wise utilization of fisheries in South Carolina; providing opportunities and means of communication for members with issues concerning fisheries and other aquatic related resources in South Carolina; and promoting the dissemination of fisheries related information throughout its membership and others interested in South Carolina fisheries.

Each year SCFWA co-sponsors an annual meeting with the South Carolina Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, in addition to hosting other fishery related workshops throughout the year.