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2017 Joint Annual Meeting of SCAFS/SCFWA

The 2017 Joint Annual Meeting of SCFWA and SCAFS will be held on March 1-3 at Hickory Knob State Park in McCormick, SC. Please attend and help us celebrate 20 years of joint annual meetings!

Email secretary@scfwa.org for registration and lodging information. New this year: If attendees request lodging through SCFWA, the registration form and payment for both registration and lodging must be received by the secretary by January 13, 2016

We are now accepting submissions for oral presentations and posters for the 2017 SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting. SCAFS and SCFWA welcome submissions for both oral and poster presentations from both students and professionals for the 2017 Annual Meeting. To submit a presentation, please fill out the Presentation Submission Form and return the form to Elizabeth Cushman by email (cushmane@dnr.sc.gov) no later than February 1, 2017.

The registration deadline for the 2017 SCAFS/SCFWA Annual Meeting is January 15, 2017. Please be advised that presenters can turn-in the Presentation Submission Form in advance, but all presenters must be registered for the meeting in order to be added to the final program. Advisors must register each student individually and submit a separate Presentation Submission Form for each student presenter.

About Us

The South Carolina Fisheries Workers Association (SCFWA), founded in 1976 by a group of AFS members headed by Harold Loyacano, is composed of a wide variety of people involved in fisheries related work in South Carolina. Members range from government employees to private industries to commercial and recreational fishermen. SCFWA is headed by a board of officers, elected each year at an annual meeting. The board of officers includes a president, president-elect, and secretary/treasurer.

Objectives of this organization include conservation and wise utilization of fisheries in South Carolina; providing opportunities and means of communication for members with issues concerning fisheries and other aquatic related resources in South Carolina; and promoting the dissemination of fisheries related information throughout its membership and others interested in South Carolina fisheries.

Each year SCFWA co-sponsors an annual meeting with the South Carolina Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, in addition to hosting other fishery related workshops throughout the year.